Coin Master Strategy

Among various mobile games, coin master is a multi-platform game which you can play in in Android, iOS and even Facebook. The objective of the game is to use the slot spin and earn coins, attack how does player villages and build your own Viking village in the game. Not only you can earn coins by spinning the slot, but you can also get Shields to protect your village, attacks for raiding others village, etc. in this article we will discuss several strategies by which you can become the master of Coin Master game.

Coin Master Free Cards

Strategies to Become Expert in Coin Master Game:

Use these following strategies to progress faster in the game of coin master. Read the complete information carefully before applying this to your gaming account of coin master.

  1. Lucky Spins:

The coin master gives free 5 spins in every hour of the game, although you will not receive resources by using all the spins. Few of the screens will benefit you heavily, in case you have got three sacks of gold in the spin then you will get a huge amount of gold in the game. If you get free pigs in the spin, then you can raid any village in a coin master and get coins for them. Storage which they have hidden in their village. So basically, you need to keep spinning the slot in order to gain resources in your coin master game.

  1. Raiding Players:

Another best strategy for getting coins in the game is by raiding different players. You can get thousands of coins simply by raiding the villages of other players. Now by using those coins, you can upgrade your village which will become stronger to defend the attacks. Upgrading the village is much required for the defense against raiding. So, you need to continuously raid other villages to upgrade the current village and get to the new village by leveling up.

  1. Watching Video Ads:

Just like most of the smartphone games, coin master is also having video ads which will give you free rewards for watching them. The ads give you up to 15000 coins for watching video ads in the game. So basically, it is one of the simplest methods for getting coins in the coin master game for free.

  1. Card Collection:

Another best way to get coins for free in the game is by collecting cards. Cards can be obtained from open in various tests which can give you up to 12 million coins for completing card collection.

Wrapping Things Up:

Coin master game is one of the most famous strategy games you can find for Smartphone devices. Progress in the game by getting more coins and raiding other villages. In this article, we have provided complete information about coin master strategies and posted them in this article for you. Use the mentioned strategies in the article to become the expert in coin master game. Share this article with others, so that they can also use these strategies to become an expert in the game.